About Upcycily

Sustainability. It's a big deal...for a good reason of course. More and more people are trying to do their absolute best to adapt eco-friendlier habits into their everyday lives. If you are here, you are probably one of these people…so thank you so much for doing your part for the greater good. 

So, what’s the problem?

In the past couple of years and decades (since the industrial revolution) the fashion & textile industry slowly made us believe that a t-shirt costs £2-3 maybe even £8…that’s a LIE…textiles are not cheap; to produce them these fabrics/ garments require massive amount of resources such as water & energy, and throughout its journey from plant/fibre till it’s a finished garment , it pollutes our planet with chemicals and waste.

“Fast fashion” brands try to keep their costs down by seriously underpaying garment workers till the point when it’s considered modern slavery. They also use the cheapest, poorest quality fabrics, so garments cannot last therefore tricking us – consumers – to buy more and more often. So now, you ask how a t-shirt can cost £2… well here is the breakdown:
-exploitation of garment workers
-cheap materials which don’t last more than a few month
...everything has a price and with fast fashion and over-consumption, the workers and our planet are paying the price.

I started Upcycily because I felt like that when it comes to textiles, fashion and sustainability, it seems like everyone’s only talking about buying second-hand or vintage, buying from ethical clothing brands or clothing swaps. But no one seems to talk about approaching sustainability through creativity and craftsmanship and the importance of putting the value back into the clothes we wear literally EVERY single day. It does not matter if you follow fashion or not…clothes are the part of everyone’s lives. It’s unquestionable that if we add value to our clothes through repairing, mending, stitching, decorating, altering, upcycling, making , we would find that important connection with our clothes and we would ultimately treat them the way they deserve.

So through Upcycily, I want to approach sustainability and slow fashion from a creative perspective by utilising craftsmanship. Techniques like mending, repairing, repurposing and upcycling are very underrated nowadays but if we just learn some of these creative and useful techniques, we could add value back to our clothes as well as keeping them longer in our wardrobe and saving them from landfill.

Upcycily is focuses on 3 key areas:

-mending & repairing


-upcycling / repurpsing


What you should expect from Upcycily:

-educational content here and on my Instagram page

-tutorials and how-to’s



However, at the moment, I am currently at my final year studying BA Hons Textiles, so therefore, no content, workshop or kits are going to be available before I graduate in summer 2021. To read more about what is going on at the moment with me and Upcycily, please read my latest blog: