Sustainability & slow fashion

I would like to dedicate this whole section of my website for educational content because as they say ” knowledge is power” and I believe that nowadays this is more true than ever. There is so much going on in the world – which is honestly quite overwhelming I know – and in order to us to become more conscious consumers we should all familiarise ourselves with the basics when it comes to textiles & sustainability. Even though if you are not a huge textile or fashion enthusiast, textiles and clothes are the part of EVERYONE’s daily life.

I would like to compress this whole lot of information in a very easily understandable format so you don’t have to read pages and pages long texts to understand things like fast fashion, different fabrics, importance of slow fashion, problems within the industry etc. Keeping everything sweet & short but informative is the motto of this section of my website.

I will constantly been adding new topics that I will discuss and summarise so check back to this section from time to time and follow me on Instagram – @upcycily – to get updates.

Hope you’ll find most of the topics interesting and informative and we can all expend our knowledge base together so ultimately we could make the best and more conscious decisions in many areas of our lives.